Friday, December 11, 2009

Zazzle Review

Ladies, if you're anything like me, one of the hardest people to shop for is your husband. You'd think they would be the easiest person on your Christmas list, but sometimes, it's just so hard to find "guy-approved" gifts that they will actually love. Well, look no further, because gifts from Zazzle are sure to get the thumbs up from your husband this year! I know my husband loves all of the great gift ideas and has many of them on his list this year! Actually, you can find gifts for the whole family at Zazzle!

Zazzle is an online create-it-yourself website, where customers can design and personalize anything from shoes to skateboards to stationary to shirts, and much more! The possibilities are endless when you choose to create with Zazzle. A really cool feature from Zazzle is that of "on-demand", which means that every item is literally made right after you click "Purchase Now", and if that's not enough, every purchased item is created within 24 hours of being ordered! With Zazzle, you have the ability to buy, sell, or create, which adds to so many possibilities that you'll have endless hours of fun!

You can choose to buy something already created by another Zazzle customer, or you can create your very own customized creation. And did I mention you can also SELL your created items, seriously, how cool is that!? To learn more about how to earn money with Zazzle, click here.

Zazzle gave me a the opportunity to review the "zazzling" process, and it was so much fun! I chose to buy two t-shirts, and it was so fun browsing the shirts, it was hard to choose just two! When the t-shirts arrived I couldn't believe how amazing the quality was! I've experienced customizable t-shirts from other companies that, while looking great, don't feel as soft as you'd like them too. However, Zazzle not only fulfills all your t-shirt dreams with their quality of products, but the designs printed on them are able to withstand trip after trip through the washing machine. Another feature that really impressed me about Zazzle was "Zazzle University", which is a great way to learn how to make the most of your Zazzle experience. You can find great tips, ideas, and video tutorials, that will really help you learn your way through the fun experience! Zazzle even has a great blog where you can stay up to date on all the cool stuff happening, like the special 12 Deals of Christmas event, and you can click here to learn more about each day's deal!

Zazzle has so many great ideas for everyone on your list this year! Whether you're looking for a gift for that special guy, the teen in your life, or a co-worker, you are bound to find some great gifts! I 100% recommend Zazzle for all your unique and personalized creations this Christmas, and you are sure to be a hit with Zazzle presents under your tree! How fun would it be to give your friends and family customized gifts this year, and even more awesome, give them a gift certificate to Zazzle so they can make their own designs come to life! Choose Zazzle and you can't go wrong this Christmas!

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