Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mayfair Lane Review

When it comes to organizational products, I can never have too many. I just LOVE all the different ways I can organize everything about our daily lives, and it's great when you can do so in style! Mayfair Lane is one of my new favorite companies and if you read on, you'll definitely understand why!

Mayfair Lane has been in existence for just one year, and they have already received lots of buzz! When it comes to innovative gifts, Mayfair Lane is at the center of the market. Their patent-pending Happeez® line is sure to be a favorite, with their elegant, fun, simple, and trendy designs when it comes to the array of gifts they feature. The brains behind Mayfair Lane is founder and CEO Sue Russell, who sought to solve the problem of magnets not working on stainless steel, glass, or wood paneled refrigerators. Here's a description from their website: "Happeez® Notepads, Clippers, Photo Frames, Whiteboards, and List Pads contain a Happeez® material that grips to stainless steel and other slick surfaces such as glass, mirror, aluminum, plastic or vinyl. Unlike a magnet, Happeez® products protect surfaces from scratching and marring, and will not leave a residue. If the product loses its grip due to dust build-up, users can easily revive it by spraying the back with water or a vinegar-based window cleaner."

Mayfair Lane could not be more right in how they described their products. I have been so impressed, not only with the quality of the products they sell, but also in the simple beauty that they add to everyday items. I was given the chance to review a Happeez® clipper and notepad, both in the Cabana Blue/Palm Tree Green Small Damask print. I love both of these products, because I love it when I find things are both functional and beautiful to look at. The clipper works nice on the refrigerator, but my favorite use for it is to post little reminders to myself on my bathroom mirror. I like to leave myself little motivational messages, and they sure do look a lot nice now that I use the clipper instead of plain old tape! I also love the notepad because it livens up my daily to-do lists!

Mayfair Lane is sure to be a hit no matter who you need to give a gift to this year, especially with moms, office managers, and teachers! What a great way to combine functionality with art, helping cheer up an otherwise bland space like one's desk. Check out the Happeez® whiteboards (perfect for a college dorm room!), photo frames, list pads, and you're sure to get some great gift giving ideas! Keep Mayfair Lane in mind for all of your home and office needs and you'll be one happy and organized lady!

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