Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yay! I'm officially a college graduate!

As many of you may remember from some of my posts over the last few months, I was in the final semester of my undergraduate college degree. As of this past Friday, I am D-O-N-E! I am so excited to have reached this achievement, it's been a long and difficult road at times, but I'm glad I stuck to it! I start graduate school next month, and I'm looking forward to this new and exciting challenge! That being said, I just wanted to announce that the winners from the last few giveaways that just ended will be posted up tomorrow, along with some more giveaways! As a fun extra entry into the giveaway of your choice, leave me a comment on this post about something you've achieved since being a mom. Once you leave the comment on this post, leave an extra entry comment onto the giveaway you choose. Have a great evening everyone!


  1. hmmm an achievement I've met since becoming a mom? I've begun/kept up/ and expanded a major blog, stayed at home/then went back to work, and learned how to be a mom all at the same time. Next up---- hopefully back to school I go!!

  2. Wow... congratulations, grad! It is a great accomplishment!

    This feels so silly compared to a college degree, but I have survived being a stay at home mom! I haven't had any major accomplishments... I have just survived! I have kept our family organized and I have run my household being on one income - one tight income. Most people with our income would say it is "impossible" to live and they'd go back to work. I am determined to make sacrifices and make it work for my family so that my son can have his mommy around during the day.

    I can't imagine going to grad school having a young child. I want to eventually go back to school for my masters but cannot even fathom doing so right now! So, more power to you!

    Survival is my accomplishment.

  3. Congrats! I bet it feels so awesome to be done!

    It's not much compared to becoming a college graduate while being a mom, but I have recently managed to organize a large play group within our church. It took quite a bit of scheduling but it has finally taken off.

  4. first, congratulations to you!

    since becoming a mom, I graduated from college, as well, but that was 20 years ago, and it was really only finishing up two weeks of student teaching after the lil' guy was born.

    he isn't so little anymore . . .

  5. Sorry I missed this when you posted it, maybe my google reader isn't the best way to stay current with blogs. :O)

    Congratulations on your huge accomplishment, yaay you!!!