Friday, December 11, 2009

Oops on my part!

Hey everyone, this post is specifically for the lovely international homemakers among us. I've learned so much about blogging since I started my blog this past July, and one of those things is that I never realized I'd have so many international readers! I am so excited to know that my blog is being followed by people in Singapore, Italy, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Germany and a few more! I love love love that blogging can connect moms not just from our own country, but can connect us with moms from all over the world, it's like a world mom force!

Anyway, because I've had a few internationally located moms win some of my giveaways I just wanted to announce that from now on, I will clearly label what countries the giveaway is available to, that way if someone is ineligiable, they know not to enter it, because I would feel bad if someone took the time to enter something and then couldn't actually win it.

That being said, sorry if I've created any confusion by leaving that bit of info off of some of the giveaways by accident. From now on, they will be clearly located at the end of each giveaway post.

Also, all you lovely mommies living in countries around the world: what are some holiday traditions that are unique to your country? My family is Italian, and my dad is from Brazil, so we have some fun traditions. On the eve of Epiphany (January 6) my sister and I would always receive a small gift from "La Bafana", who legend would have be a good-natured older lady who travels around Italy leaving gifts for the children. It's a fun tradition for the end of the Christmas season, and I continue this tradition with my own daughter now.

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  1. I'm just up in Canada, I don't think we have any traditions in our family that are too different from American ones. We do spend a lot of time shoveling snow, that's for sure.

    Looking forward to more of your giveaways, I hope at least some of them will be open to your neighbours to the north :)