Saturday, December 12, 2009

eBeanstalk Review

As you guys have probably figured out by now, I love educational games and toys for children. In the fast-paced lives we all live in today's world, I think it's really important to take a step back and really think about what kinds of things are influencing our children, especially when it comes to their toys. This is why I'm so excited that I have the opportunity to tell you all about eBeanstalk today, because they are truly a company that is as passionate about educational toys as I am!

eBeanstalk is a fairly new company, founded in 2005, who's mission is to provide customers with exceptional educational toys that promote a child's development, and their motto is to "plant the seeds that help children grow". eBeanstalk specializes in newborn, baby, toddler, and preschooler toys that are carefully selected by two different teams of experts. The first is a group of Child Specialists (Child Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Child Physical Therapist, pediatric occupational therapist and a Special Educator) and a group of over 700 moms who eBeanstalk refers to as their "Mother Board". What has impressed me the most about eBeanstalk is that before deciding on what toys they would sell, they looked at over 10,000 educational toys before settling in on the 600 they wanted to sell. Each toy they sell has been carefully selected, tested, and approved, giving the customers a lot of confidence in the company. Click here to learn even more about this process, you'll really learn a lot about this great company! Also, while you're checking out their great website, click here to learn more about their Gift Series, where your child can receive a new toy every 4 months that is perfectly geared to their age and development level. Isn't that the coolest thing ever!? If you can't tell, I'm pretty impressed by this company!

Another thing I love about eBeanstalk is how easy their website is to navigate. You have the option to look at toys divided by gender, age, category, brand and more! It's really easy to find exactly what you're searching for, but I won't guarantee you won't get sidetracked along the way by all the unique toys that will catch your eye!

eBeanstalk sent Izzy and I an awesome game to try out, and we just loved it! We got to review Diggity Dog, the fun game where the player with the most dog bones by the end of he game wins! This board game was carefully researched and selected by eBeanstalk, and you can really tell, because the quality of this game just can't be beat. This game is geared at ages 3 and up, and comes with magnetic bones that stick to the noses of 4 dogs. The dogs bark out loud, and your child has to count the number of the barks in order to know how many spaces to move on the game board. I've noticed that Izzy's listening skills have improved by playing this game, because she's really started to clue in to listening and counting things that she hears. Izzy has also gotten better at learning to wait her turn, which has been a bit of a problem in recent months, especially since she doesn't have a sibling to practice sharing with. We love this game at our house, and I'd highly recommend it to any mother of a 3 year old, especially because the game is not only fun for children, but it teaches them important skills too!

This Christmas, keep in mind that educational toys can be just as fun, if not more fun, than the average, normal toys on the market. Keep eBeanstalk in mind for your educational toy needs, and you're sure to have happy, intelligent kids playing around your Christmas tree this year!

*Use the code "FREESHIP$65" at checkout and get free shipping on all orders over $65! Also, grandparents can call 1-877-359-3428 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:30 for a special grandparents only discount!*

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