Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check This Out!

I was recently given the opportunity to write a guest post for Evenflo, one of the top baby product companies out there. Of course I was honored and said yes! They are featuring different savvy parenting tips, and I chose to write about my suggestions for fun ways to keep your child hydrated during the summertime heat. You will have to check out Evenflo's great microsite by clicking here. This awesome site is all to spread the word about their new Momentum 65 with e3 Side Impact technology. So check it out, there are great new tips coming everyday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I hope you all were able to enjoy the day with your families! I promised a special announcement tomorrow, but I can't wait! In honor of Father's Day I just wanted to let you know about something special happening in our family... Izzy's daddy is going to become Daddy 2.0! We are expecting a little sibling for Izzy, who is very excited! She asks everyday if today is the day the baby will come! So, in honor of that special news, I will be featuring lots of baby item reviews and giveaways in the future!

Friday, June 18, 2010

So Glad It's Friday!

Wow, I'm so glad it's Friday! Little IzzyBug has decided that she will now be waking up at 6:30 am every morning, so this week has been a little rough! The sun beats into her window, through the blinds and the drapes, so bad that it wakes her up really early! I think I am going to have to look around for the special drapes that are meant to block out light, maybe that would help!

Anyone have any exciting Father's Day plans for the weekend? We are going to spend the day celebrating and watching the World Cup! We are rooting for Brazil on Sunday, and I can't wait to post a picture of Izzy's adorable jersey and tutu outfit! My hubby will be getting workout equipment and clothes for Father's Day, I can't wait to see his reaction! He has been exercising all the time, and putting on a lot of muscle, so I know the new clothes and equipment will come in handy for him. Part of his gift was a set of weights, and let me tell you, I looked extremely silly as I had a hard time lifting the box when I went to pick it up at the store! I must admit, I'm a bit jealous that my hubby can eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound! He's also been packing on the muscle in a short amount of time, whereas I exercise and don't notice anything! He is very motivating though! We are going to start going on family runs and walks, so the routine should help me stay focused on my goal of getting into better shape!

Last but not least, an exciting announcement is coming up on Monday... you will have to come back and see what it is!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What are you interested in seeing?

Ok, quick question for you mommies. What are some of the things that you would most like to see me review or have giveaways for? I'm gearing up for a big event on here, and already have some GREAT companies lined up. The event will feature the best baby and toddler products on the market, and I want to know what you guys think! Leave me a comment on here to let me know. Once the event starts, you will get 3 extra entries into the giveaway of your choice for helping me brainstorm! Let's see what we can all come up with!

Some things that are already on the schedule for the event are a bassinet, a carseat, baby feeding items, clothes, and much more!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Character Flaw

Character flaws... everybody has one. Or two or three. Well, one of mine is that I can be indecisive at times. So I just got a blog makeover, and it's not really feeling like it's me, so next week it will be changing again, so stay tuned for another and more final change. It's going to be more "me".

Also, in other news... I will be opening an Etsy store next week or the week after, so more details will be coming with that. There will be all kinds of fun things, so stay tuned for that as well!

Lastly, I have this idea of making next week TV turn off week in our house, and would love it if some of you mommies out there would try the same. In our home, we don't watch very much TV, but especially with all the summer fun that's to be had right now, I see no reason to be inside watching TV. I'll come up with some way of making this fun and post more tomorrow. I'm super sleepy tonight! Good night mommies!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think I'm aging...

I know what you're thinking, duh, we're all aging... but I'm talking quick aging, haha. I went to the eye doctor last week and he wrote me a contact prescription for a brand of contacts that he gives to people over 40. I'm not saying 40 is old, because it's really not, but it blew me out of the water when he said that I needed them. I felt like I was going crazy... really crazy... when I was trying to describe my symptoms, it's like my eyes are having a hard time focusing when I try to read up close, and it gives me headaches. He still can't figure out what's going on with my eyes, but in the mean time, he had me try the new contacts, and guess what... they WORK! I don't even care if that means that by the time I'm 40 I'll be wearing contacts for 80 year olds, lol. He also told me I need reading glasses, which kinda sent me over the laughter edge. I guess raising a 3 year old is not only stressful, but ages you really quickly!

Now as long as I don't find any more gray hairs we'll be good... :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grad school is kicking my behind!

Ok, so I'm probably being a bit redundant with this, but, wow, grad school is kicking my behind! I don't know what I was thinking with these summer classes. But, at least there's only 9 weeks left until a break... but getting to that break is another thing!

On a brighter note, I've started a new "diet". I don't really like that word, because there are so many ridiculous fad diets out there, but for lack of a better word, that's what's going on right now. I've been journaling what I'm eating, which definitely helps. I really can't believe how much better I eat on the days where I right everything down. I've also cut out gluten products, after a lengthy process of realizing that I'm pretty sure that I am either allergic, or just highly sensitive. That was really difficult too, it's like, "Thanks God for making me 100% Italian, but letting me get sick everytime I eat pasta!"

The pasta has definitely been the hardest to give up, but I'm feeling so much better! Once in a while I'll sneak a bite or two of bread or pasta, but overall, on most days, I'm doing pretty good. And now that the gluten products are gone from my diet, I'm eating a lot more fresh fruits and veggies, which is making me feel so good! Now, the next step is just adding in all the extra exercise... we'll see how that goes... haha