Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a crazy hectic busy non-stop week!

Wow. I think 2010 is the year that God throws a lot of challenges at us to see how we cope! In the words of Mother Teresa, "I know God never gives me more than I can handle, sometimes I just wish he didn't trust me with quite so much". That is totally how I feel right now! My husband is in the midst of finishing his last semester of his undergrad work, I just started grad school (both of us full time), my husband works close to full time, and then on top of that we were all sick last week.

Wow, that really sounded like a pity party (I totally didn't mean it like that, I do have a point)! I think God is "testing" us, to convince us that we really can handle more than we think is possible. All I keep thinking about is the feeling I will get when we get to walk across that stage at graduation... it will be an amazing sense of relief! Even though I graduated in December, I will walk in the spring graduation ceremony, so it will be really cool that we will get to graduate together.

Now, on to the most stressful (and probably funny) story of the week... I sliced my ankle open while doing something really dumb! We have a cheap wooden shoe rack (well, we had one until this) that is right next to our entry way closet. There was something on the shelf in the closet that I needed to get down, and instead of getting the step stool, I figured I'd take a little jump off the shoe rack and that would do the trick. Well... instead of that, I busted through the shoe rack (which of course was just amazing for my self-esteem, haha) and a huge screw gashed through my ankle, leaving me with a gaping 3 inch slice. Long story short, I was told I needed stitches, but my extreme fear of needles kept me from doing that... I was thinking a pack or two of band-aids and some neosporin would do the trick. I mean, who cares about a three inch scar on my foot, we're talking multiple stitches with a needle here, right!? So, since I didn't get stitches I had to stay off my foot for a few days, and can now walk around a little bit as long as I'm wearing a plastic walking-boot thing, which makes me feel like I have an ogre foot, but hey, I avoided stitches!

So, what is the lesson of this story? First, if God sends you to it, God will send you through it! So we're a bit cranky, our home is a mess, I'm not entirely sure how I survived without massive quantities of caffeine and with way too much homework, and it's only Wednesday, but we're alive! And in thinking about the recent events in our world, like the earthquake in Haiti for example, just being ALIVE is a something that we can be thankful for, no matter what's going on to make our lives hectic.

Second lesson... if a nurse tells you that you need stitches... you probably do!

P.S. Reviews and giveaways will be returning to their normal schedule soon... I PROMISE! Love you ladies, have a great day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sew Fantastic Review!

I absolutely love it when I stumble upon fabulous handmade items. I just love the workmanship and care that goes into each unique item, and this is why I'm so excited to tell you all about Sew Fantastic!

Sew Fantastic is a great Etsy shop run by the very talented Terri. She offers handmade items that are both trendy and classic. She also loves custom orders, because it offers her the potential to get even more creative! One thing that I really love about Terri's shop is that she works with only the highest quality supplies, all within the comforts of her smoke-free home (which is a big deal in my book, since my daughter has asthma). Terri also writes a blog all about crafts, you will love it! Click here to check out Terri's wonderful blog where you can stay up to date with her great designs!

I was so excited about getting the chance to review the Black Damask On the Go Daily Organizer, because it's not only functional, but it's also beautiful! It even matches my blog! The Carryall Clutches are great for organizing and storing coupons, credit cards, notes, lists and much more. The possibilities really are endless! My favorite way to use my clutch is when I run errands. I can store any coupons or store ads that I need, and I can also throw some cash and miscellaneous things in and I'm ready for the day! This works great if you're still using a diaper bag, because you can keep all your "mom" stuff separate and easy to access within the bag.

Here's a detailed description of the clutch from Terri's shop: "This sew-cute carryall clutch is very well made with a sturdy oatmeal colored osnaburg, then accented with your favorite fabrics. All pockets are doubles lines, and there are no raw edges. Everything is also interfaced completely for long lasting durability."

I've definitely been really impressed by this clutch. I've been using it everyday now for over a month and it still looks brand new! The handy notebook that is included is perfect for your lists of errands, groceries, or for being able to find your pen and paper the second you need it while you're out and about! Also, the pen is such a great accent to the clutch, because it comes made to match your fabric choice! The clutch I received retails for $21, which I think it is totally worth the price, because organization makes a mom's everyday life so much easier!

You all will definitely need to check out Sew Fantastic! You simply must order a Carryall Clutch, they are so handy, I wonder how I ever found a pen and paper before having one! Also, some of Terri's new items are definitely worth looking at, especially the Crayon Wallets and Kindle Clutches!

***Terri has offered you lovely ladies 15% off your orders if you mention The Mommy Homemaker!***

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sugar Coated Cookies Review!

I have to admit, freshly baked cookies are a huge weakness of mine. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal, or SUGAR COOKIES, it doesn't matter to me! So when I found out about Sugar Coated Cookies I was so excited!

Sugar Coated Cookies is a fabulous Etsy shop that is run by the very talented Shana. Shana prides herself on her love of baking that has become such a fun business. She bakes with only the finest ingredients, and since orders are baked and decorated to order, that means your cookies will be super fresh and never frozen! Shana has many different fun designs to choose from, and if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, she is able to do custom orders so you get just want you want!

If you're anything like me, you like to see an artist at work while they are creating. It gives you a sense of what they do, and how they do it. Here are a few photos of Shana as she decorates some adorable pirate cookies! *Normally Shana wears a hair net and gloves, but for the sake of the pictures, she didn't wear them in these model shots.*

Aren't those pirates adorable?

Now, wait until you see the lovely cookies that Shana created for Izzy's birthday party! Izzy is going through quite the Tinkerbell phase, so Shana helped me decide on some cute fairy wands for the cookies. She did purple star wands for the girls and green circle wands for the boys. They were such a hit at Izzy's party, everyone wanted to know where we got them!

I was so impressed with Shana's work, because everything looked so professional! She took amazing care in packaging the cookies with layers of bubble wrap to ensure that each cookie arrived in perfect condition, and they did! There was not a scratch or a crumble on any of the cookies. Shana also added special touches to the cookies with the cellophane bags and curly ribbons that she tied them with. I can't tell you all enough how special Izzy felt as she handed out the cookie wands to her party guests!

Want to know what else? The cookies tasted even better than they looked! I have to admit that I was apprehensive at first about tasting cookies that I ordered over the internet. BUT- I was so pleasantly surprised about how great the cookies tasted that I would recommend Sugar Coated Cookies to all of you! The cookies actually tasted as if they were baked the day we tasted them, they were amazing! I'm so glad we were able to feature Shana's delicious cookies at Izzy's birthday party, and I'd highly recommend ordering them for your next party! Most of the cookies cost about $2-3, which is pretty reasonable considering how much work goes into them. You'd also have to pay at least this much at your local bakery for cookies like these!

Next time you're in need of a great party favor, or just in the mood for some yummy cookies, choose Sugar Coated Cookies and you won't be disappointed!
***Shana has graciously offered you all 10% off your orders at Sugar Coated Cookies! Just mention The Mommy Homemaker when ordering!***

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phew! That was a crazy week!

Wow, so Izzy is finally on the path to feeling better! We had quite the little scare there with her asthma flaring up and with her being sick. But now that things are getting back to normal after I had to take a breather from the blog, I'm back with some fun reviews and giveaways, and everyday posts!

Also, it's BIRTHDAY week here at The Mommy Homemaker! As some of you know, Izzy's birthday was last Saturday, and in honor of my little sweetie, I'll be telling you all about some great companies throughout the next few days, they helped make her day extra special!

See you soon!