Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank God for Chocolate and Good Friends!

The past week has been a long and busy one. I was pretty tired by the time the evening set in last night, but I had some girlfriends coming over for dinner so I tried to perk up by drinking my diet Coke with lime (I love that stuff!). As I'm sure all you moms know, it's hard to find time for ourselves, we get so wrapped up in making sure everything is taken care of with our families that it leaves little time for ourselves.

My friends came over last night and I tried to make Chinese steamed dumplings and egg drop soup. The dumplings turned into one giant dumpling when they steamed and something went wrong with the soup, which we renamed "scrambled egg soup". Normally I'm a pretty good cook, but last night was just terrible! Thank God for good friends and good chocolate, which is what we gobbled up after tasting the results of my attempt to make homemade Chinese food!

I think we laughed non-stop for like 3 hours. Yeah, the food didn't turn out, but everything was fine because we had chocolate, good friends, and a movie! We watched The Proposal, which was really cute, and we just laughed. I don't think I've laughed so much in one night for a long time. It was so nice to relax with some chocolate and good friends last night, and even though we stayed up too late, making for a rough morning, I really needed that time last night to de-stress.

So, I guess what I'm rambling on about is this. I admit it, I can be a little "uptight" sometimes. I like my schedule. I like a VERY organized home. I like knowing what's going to happen next. I like when everything turns out okay. That is what makes me relaxed and happy. BUT, life is full of surprises, homes aren't always perfectly organized when you have a toddler, not knowing what's coming next is part of the life's adventure, and sometimes it's more fun when things don't turn out right. At least we have one hilarious story now about the giant steamed dumpling and scrambled egg soup!

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  1. I am jealous! I think I need a serious girlfriend's night! My mom came to visit last week and we went shopping for a few hours sans kids and it was heaven. I adore my kids, but sometimes you need a little time on your own (or with good friends) to de-stress.