Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kaskey Kids Review!

Okay mommies of boys, this review is for you! I know sometimes you guys may feel left out since I do a lot of girl-themed reviews and giveaways, so here is a company that every mom with boys needs to hear about! Kaskey Kids was founded in 2001 by Bruce and Christy Kaskey with the mission of creating simple sports action figures. Their inspiration to start the company came from their four children who loved to play sports outside, but didn't really have indoor sports toys to play with. Armed with the knowledge that her children loved to use their imagination and creativity when it came to army men style action figures, she decided to search for sport themed action figures. However, when her searches turned up empty, Christy and Bruce decided they would design and market their own boxed set of sports action figures! Their main goal throughout their creative process was to design sports themed indoor toys that children could be enthusiastic about, and most importantly, toys that would hold their attention and encourage them to be more imaginative!

Kaskey Kids is a company that really impresses me for many reasons. First of all, I love that they have created toys that encourage children to be imaginative and engaged in the activity at hand, while still being sports themed. I also love that they feature so many different sports, even collegiate teams! Want to know the thing that really caught my eye though... they have a girls soccer team! I love that they are also encouraging girls to love sports! Some of my husband's favorites include the Hockey Guys and the Baseball Guys.

Kaskey Kids sent us the Soccer Guys, and we have been having so much fun playing with them! I especially love the fact that they are in the colors of the Brazilian soccer team (my dad is from Brazil, so saying we love soccer would probably be an understatement)! The action figures have really supplied Izzy with endless hours of fun, and she especially loves using the figures to pretend they are kicking the ball into the net! The convenient carrying case is also a plus when it comes to storing the action figures. Retailing at just $24.99, Kaskey Kids Action Figures are sure to be a hit with every sports fan on your Christmas list this year! Now the only question is... who loves them more, my daughter or my husband!?

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