Thursday, November 26, 2009

Micro Beer Club Review!

Hello everyone, this is a special post from Marina’s husband Adam. I got a special opportunity to try an assortment of beers from different microbreweries from around the US. The Micro Brew Club is a beer of the month club that you can sign up for and every month you will be sent four different kinds of beer to try. I really enjoyed that the beers are not all one kind or taste. I am definitely a beer kind of guy rather than a wine kind of guy, so if your man is similar to me then I suggest the beer of the month club. Being a busy parent it is tough to find time to go a bar and enjoy a good beer. The times that I do get to go to a bar I am hardly in a mood to try a new beer cause I want my “usual”. The Micro Beer Club is like bringing a bar to you that is full of unique beers will be an experience to drink not just an activity. If the man in your life has no problems going to bars or is a frequent visitor then the Micro Beer Club is great for that inspiring beer connoisseur. The membership includes (this is taken from their website):

• A Micro Beer of the Month Club membership makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

• Every month club members will receive four different selections, three of each (12 total) of 12 ounce bottled microbeer from award winning domestic microbreweries.

• Along with the beers comes our monthly newsletter The Micro Brew Review. Here you will find information on the featured breweries for the month, their beers tasting notes, food pairings, and other beer related articles.

• The first shipment also includes a custom gift card notifying the recipient of their membership plus any personal message you would like to add.

• Prepaid club memberships range from one to twelve months, or simply sign up for yourself or as a gift and be billed monthly. All memberships can be shipped every month, every other month (ships on odd months only)

• Some clubs have monthly minimums; not here! And memberships can be cancelled at any time.

• Quality and variety are what you can expect from our beer club. Unlike other clubs, members will experience beers from all over the United States and be able to sample beers not readily available in their local stores.

• We guarantee your satisfaction with every beer you receive from any one of our monthly clubs. Occasionally, you may discover a bottle which has not traveled well. Tell us. We'll replace it or reimburse the purchase price. Ordering is easy.

The Micro Beer Club is sure to be a hit with any beer-lover on your holiday shopping list! This gift undoubtably gets the stamp of"guy-approval"!


  1. Great review. I was curious to know what kind of beers did you get. Thanks!

  2. It is good if they actually deliver the beer once you have paid for it.