Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Announcing... Black Friday "Blog-Busters"!

In the spirit of the holidays I have decided to do an event within an event! That means that during my Christmas Extravaganza I will be hosting a special Black Friday "Blog-Busters" event! You will be able to enter to win $450 worth of items from 4 great companies starting this Friday! My normal daily reviews and giveaways will still be posted, except 4 giveaways will go up on Friday!

I will be posting extra entries throughout the next few days, but to get a head start on extra entries, leave me some comments on this post!

The first 5 people to comment will get 2 extra entries into each of the Black Friday "Blog-Busters" giveaways!

All you have to do is tell me what your favorite Black Friday sale item is this year! Have fun!


  1. Oh man! This is fun! I don't usually venture out into shopping-land on Black Friday... so I couldn't tell you what good deals are going on! I know BabyEtte Etsy shop has some Pre-Holiday sales going on right now with her baby slings that I am excited about!
    es1237 at gmail dot com

  2. I have so many I wouldn't know where to start. Last year I started at midnight and was done except for a few online purchases by 6am. It was a lot of fun.

  3. My favorite black friday sale item is 50% off RockinGreen Soap! It's amazing and I can't wait to save on shipping!

  4. My favorite Black Friday item is anything you are giving away!! lol Just kidding, I don't leave my house on this day but have thought about doing some online shopping but haven't a clue where to start!! Looking for some great ideas though. :)

  5. I'll be standing in line for the nintendo ds lite at walmart this year
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com