Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where is Marina?

Many of you may be wondering why I've been slightly distant this past week! I am in the middle of mid-terms this week at school, and to top it off I'm in charge of the advertising, promotion, organization, etc for a huge event that an organization I'm part of is hosting at my university tomorrow night. So...that means after tomorrow night I will actually be posting more often! And...I have 2 exciting announcements that will be coming up during the next few days at The Mommy Homemaker. I was lucky enough to get a blog makeover that will be unveiled tonight, and also will be starting a huge event on October 10! This event will be called "ECO-Week" and it will be jam-packed with reviews and tons of giveaways from environmentally friendly companies! I am so excited to be featuring everything from reusable sandwich bags to toys to makeup! It will be so much fun! But now, I'm off to figure out what in the world to wear tomorrow night to the event since half of the clothes I own are in the laundry! Wish me luck!

Don't forget to keep entering the giveaways from The Boy's Store and New HEART Designs!

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