Friday, October 9, 2009

Tiny Bubbles Review!

My daughter is a budding fashionista. There is simply no way around this, though we've tried to at least keep her attitude in check. Izzy likes to make sure we always remember that she is a girly girl. She loves frilly dresses, glitzy hair bows, and her latest fascination...coats! She loves her rain coat, winter coat, and her favorite of late...her Tiny Bubbles Coat! Tiny Bubbles is an Etsy shop run by Barbara, who is absolutely phenomenal! The coat she sent to us for Izzy to review was the Lourdes jacket, and it is the prettiest shade of periwinkle! It brings out the color of Izzy's blue eyes so beautifully! Don't mind the fact that she is crunching on a lollipop in the photo, it was the only way I could get her to pose in the picture since she wanted to go outside so badly to show "Chipper" the squirrel her new coat!

The jacket retails for $25 and this price is very reasonable when you consider the workmanship and quality of the item. The stiching is very high quality, and the wool felted material wears very nicely. I especially like the satin lining on the inside, which makes it look very nice. It looks like a jacket you'd find in an upscale childrens boutique! This coat is warm enough for spring and the early fall months, and it looks great dressed up or down. Please show Barbara some love and check out her gorgeous childrens items!

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