Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GraycieLu Designs Review!

We just recently started a short and simple chore list for Izzy a few weeks ago. I thought it was a good time for her to start learning about some easy tasks that she could do to help out as part of the family. This way, when the actual "chore-chores" come around in a few years, she will already have the idea in her head about helping out. Her "chores" right now consist of helping to make her bed, feeding the fish with Daddy, and tidying up her toys and books everynight, but her favorite chore to do is to help set the table. She probably would do this even if it didn't mean getting a sticker on her chart each night. She LOVES to set the table. She's actually gotten very good at giving everyone the right silverware and everything!

Wondering how she caught on to setting the table so fast? Enter in GraycieLu Designs and the Help ME Do It Myself Placemat! GraycieLu Designs is an Etsy shop run by Gena, and let me tell you, you will love everything she makes!

Gena sent me the lovely Help ME Do It Myself Placemat, and we love it so much! Izzy has really gotten into learning about setting the table because of her special placemat. The placemat is Montessori-inspired and has the hand-stamped image of a fork, plate/bowl, knife, spoon and cup to help children know where to place each item. The placemat also comes with silverware and a miniature cup, which is really fun for children! Before using the placemat Izzy was starting to learn where each item is supposed to be placed, and after letting her use the placemat for a few days, she really started to get it down! We've had so much fun watching her learn all about setting the table, and we never have to ask her to do it either, she loves it that much! It also helps to have her set the table because it keeps her busy while I add the finishing touches to our dinner. Overall, I am in love with this placemat! Also, the placemat washes and dries amazingly, which is a must with placemats because Izzy tends to spill food on them a lot!

Anyone with toddlers definitely needs to check out the Help ME Do It Myself Placemat! I love so many of Gena's other items, especially the Baby Shower Decoration and Gift Pack with 6 GraycieLu Onesies, which is so adorable I can't even stand it! I also love the Breastfeeding is NOT a Crime Onesie, it's perfect for a new mom who breastfeeds!

The photo you see above is of the Help ME Do It Myself Placemat, and there are pictures of Izzy using it to come soon! My camera has been ornery for the past week and will not upload any photos! My hubby is going to take a look at it tonight, so there should be pictures of Izzy using it tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah I love the GracieLu Designs, just saw the placemat at a friend's house....FANTASTIC!