Friday, October 16, 2009

Element Bars Review

I recently got the chance to review Element Bars, an innovative new company that makes customizable nutrition bars. At Element Bars, customers are able to choose which ingredients they do or don't want in their nutrition bar. One thing that sets Element Bars apart from most energy, nutrition, or granola bars is that the ingredients that are used or either unprocessed or minimally processed, which leaves them as fresh and as healthy as possible.

When creating an Element Bar you start off by choosing your core, fruit, nuts, sweets, and boosts. You can even add things based on certain parts of your body that you want to protect, such as your GI health or brain/memory function. The fact that you can totally customize your own bars means that you have full control over which ingredients you will be eating. You can also name your bars after you create them!

Not sure which ingredients you think you'd like in your bar? You can try out different combinations by choosing popular bars that they sell such as the "Mmmm...Oaty" or "Hungry for Health Bar". There are so many different possible combinations that you are sure to find a bar for even the pickiest eaters! I got to try the popular bar "Crispy Cranberry" and I loved it! I brought it with me while running errands one morning and it definitely filled me up! It had just the right amount of crunchiness and sweet, and it was also packed with nutrition.

Because these bars can be a bit pricey (about $3 per bar) I would especially recommend them to adults who are already eating energy and nutrition bars. It's also important to keep in mind that these aren't your average granola bars that take a whole 3 bites to finish. These are substantial bars that fill you up and keep you energized for a long time. All in all, I think Element Bars are fantastic and you should all check them out!

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