Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extra Entries!

Ok girls, for every person you personally tell about the Jeep Stroller Giveaway you will get 2 extra entries...and there's no limit (just please be honest though)!

Also, the first person to comment on this post and tell me what day Earth Day is next year gets an extra 5 entries into the giveaway of their choice!

Lastly (for today), the first 3 people to comment on this post and tell me about a money saving eco-tip will get 3 extra entries into the giveaway of their choice!

(Once you post your comment on this post, please add your extra entries where needed)

Have fun!


  1. Eco-tip: Use old washcloths or old prefold diapers to clean with instead of paper towels. Then throw them in the wash with the towels!

  2. instead of buying small mountains of books, CDs, DVDs and even magazines that you barely use, check materials out of your neighborhood library, or relax inside the quiet halls and browse on site.

    Eco Tip

  3. Eco tip - carry your own silverware when going out to eat and instead of using plastic forks/spoons/knifes from the restaurants, use those you have with you and take home to wash for the next time - save water and less plastic trash!

  4. April 22 will be a Thursday in 2010