Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Mommy!

Let's face it, as moms we deal with messes all day long. With the diaper changes, sippy cup spills, spagetti sauce splatters, and laundry disasters, we don't exactly deal with the most delightful things everyday. Sometimes we're lucky if we even get to shower before noon! Moms deserve a special little something to cheer up their days, not that we don't love what we do everyday, but sometimes we forget that we need to take the time to pamper or take care of ourselves along with everyone else.

One easy way that we can perk ourselves up each day is by adding something special to our beauty routine (let's face it, we don't always have the time, so quick and easy things are best). Spritzing yourself with a sweet smelling fragrance is one fast way to cheer yourself up each day, giving you a little bit of added confidence and flair, especially amidst the messes of mommyhood. I had the fun experience of reviewing one of the new fragrances from Mary Kay, and let me tell you, I wish this blog had smell-o-vision or something so you could smell how amazing the new Thinking of You fragrance is! Mary Kay describes the scent by saying, "The message in this bottle is all about relationships and celebrating them with a gift that turns a moment into a memory. This feel-good fruity floriental fragrance also features a keepsake heart charm that can be removed and added to jewelry and unique packaging that allows you to handwrite a note inside."

When the fragrance first arrived, I was very impressed with the chic packaging. It comes sealed up in a pretty little box, all tied up with a bow. The fold out box features a special place where you can write a personalized message to the person receiving it as a gift. I really like the colors of the packaging, the blue and brown design is a nice choice compared to some perfumes that are on the girlier side. The light, breezy scent is so easy to wear, and it isn't overpowering like many other perfumes I've tried. I'm a bit sensitive to some perfumes, I think I'm a little allergic to them sometimes, but this one was perfect everytime I tried it.

The new Thinking of You fragrance is sure to be a hit not only as a gift for yourself, but also a gift for a special friend, mother, grandmother, or anyone else on your holiday shopping list this year. It also works great as a "just because" gift! No matter who you give this gift to this year, they are going to LOVE it.

Check back later in the week to try your hand at winning your own bottle of Thinking of You ! It will be featured in a great prize package with some other amazing products from Mary Kay!

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