Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silly Izzy!

Izzy is the silliest little thing ever sometimes! Lately she has been making up the most elaborate stories that make us laugh so hard! Last week she made up a story about my sister and her friend Emily, who she calls "Emai", and she said Dre and Emai should move to our house and live with us. She goes, "I will sleep at the top of my bed and Emai can sleep in the middle and DreDre can sleep in the drawer with my animals. Then when it rains we can all sleep in my bed". My poor sister only gets the bed if it rains, haha! Then, today Izzy made up a story about her KittyBear having a cold, and she needed "gum, shampoo, yogurt, and a Tinkerbell movie to make her feel better". I definitely think this is the most fun age so far because I love to hear all the new things she comes up with everyday!

P.S. My horseback riding class was great! I got over my fear of horses and I actually really enjoyed myself! Guess what the first thing Izzy said when her and Adam came to pick me up..."Did the horse bite you? I told him not to". Well, it did stomp on me once, but it didn't bite me, so I guess it was a good weekend!


  1. LOL. I'm totally jealous of Izzy's hair, BTW. My baby finally needed her FIRST ... TRIM... about a month ago... and she is only about 5 months younger than Izzy. Grrrr. And, by trim, I mean, cutting it so that the very, very thin baby hair is caught up to the rest. It barely touches her shoulders!!

    ANYWAY... Been meaning to tell you that for a while.

  2. PS. BTW. This is Jamie. I've been friends with Adams's family for about 10 years. :O)

  3. Aww, thanks for the compliments on Izzy's hair! We have this feeling that the next baby will be chubby and bald, the opposite of Izzy. haha