Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is an iDon't!

So tonight after Izzy went to sleep I decided I would take a relaxing bubble bath and listen to music on my iPod with my iPod stereo. I had candles lit, a nice warm bath, and then I go to get into the tub, and what happens...my iPod falls into the bath! It had become disconnected from the stereo and flipped into the tub! I quickly caught it and much to my dismay, the screen was dark. At first I tried to stay positive because the music would still play, but not the video. Now, nothing. It's frozen at the menu. I've heard that putting a wet electronic gadget into a bag of rice after using a hair dryer on low can work. So, I am currently sadly looking at my beautiful silver iPod laying in a bag of rice. I hope this works! If anyone has any advice on this, please leave me a comment! I will give an update tomorrow to see if this works. I really hope it does! :-(
In the mean time, taking your iPod into the bathroom during a bubble bath is a definite iDon't!

1 comment:

  1. I saved my bf's ipod after it fell in water but placing it in a sealed tupperware container with one of those silica gel packs that comes in shoes, purses etc. Left it for 2 days.

    Also, contact Apple, they may be able to fix it for a small fee.