Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exciting News!

I am so excited to announce that I already have 2 giveaways lined up to start soon! I will post more details in the next day or two, so check back for them!

So here's a question for anyone out there who might be able to help. I am on the lookout for some yummy vegetarian recipes to try out. Is anyone a vegetarian that has some good do's and don't's? I am also looking online, so as I find some I will try them out and post the results on here! I think cooking vegetarian for some meals during the week is not only healthy, but also economical. It is cheaper to cook without meat, and I have found that you don't necesarily have to cut the flavors and fun by cooking vegetarian. I have a 3 bean chili recipe I'm going to try out next week and see if my husband likes it. He is a meat and potatos kind of guy so if he okays it then I think it will be a hit with other men!

Have a great and fun-filled day everyone! Don't forget to savor the little moments with your kids today, they grow up way too soon!

Love, Marina


  1. I'm not a Vegetarian, but I do have a great website to try. Users post recipes, then other users review the recipes and offer suggestions, I love it because I don't waste time on a crappy recipe anymore, just look for one with good reviews!

  2. I too am not a vegetarian. I wish I could be, but I like meat too much. Congrats on your giveaways I can't wait to see what they are!

  3. Hey Marina,

    long time no see! cute blog. I recently became a veggie and have had a lot of fun getting together recipes...

    some of my faves:

    In general tofu, quinoa, tempeh, bulgar wheat, all are really tasty and have a TON of protein. the site has a bunch of good tips and recipes... even if you don't go completely veg a lot of the ingredients used in veggie recipes have a ton of great health benefits!!

    Good luck!