Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I feel like I have an infant again!

Wow, has it been a crazy few days. On Saturday night, Izzy went to bed completely fine, and then later during the night she woke up with a runny nose and cough. It kept getting worse so the next day we started breathing treatments, since any little sickness or cold really makes her asthma flare up. She's been waking up multiple times per night, and I feel like I have new-mom ears again! Every little cough and I run to her bed! We've also started a really bad habit of letting her into bed with us since she is so sick. This is really going to be a challenge once she's feeling better. We've been getting next to nothing for sleep, but we've made it through without any major issues. I'm starting to feel a little sick, but I'm hoping I get over it quick. Because she wasn't getting any better, yesterday the doctor decided to put her on another medication for her breathing treatments, and put her on steroids. They make her a bit hyper, so she really didn't want to sleep last night, but once she fell asleep she only woke up once. She's actually a little better today I think! I'm really hoping she feels better soon, because her birthday is this weekend! If we have to cancel her birthday party she will be so disappointed, except the 24 serving Tinkerbell cake we ordered her will ease that blow! If you feel like saying a prayer, please do so, I really want her to feel better for her birthday!

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