Thursday, August 6, 2009

The "Bad" Cookie Monster!

I have to share this story about Izzy because it is so stinkin cute! Last night she woke up around 12 AM and didn't fall back to sleep for about an hour, then woke up again later in the night because she was very worried that there were monsters in her closet. She said it was the "bad" cookie monster...I guess us moms have no clue that the real cookie monster has an evil twin out there! Anyway, so my husband and I tried to get her to relax about it, we rubbed her back, laid there for a few minutes and then left the room. She wanted to come into bed with us so bad, but we've been down that road before, they end up in your bed once and then they think they can get away with it all the time! So, once she was assured and comfortable with the idea that the bad cookie monster was not in her closet she fell back to sleep.
Fast forward to naptime today. I went into her room to wake her up so she wouldn't sleep too late and where was she? Not her in bed! I just about had a freak out moment cuz she was no where to be found! Then, I heard some scratching coming from inside her closet. She had taken her pillow and blanket and taken her nap in the closet, which is not that big so it couldn't have been very comfortable! I guess the good cookie monster was in there today instead of the bad one. Now here's to hoping the bad one doesn't come back tonight so we can all get some sleep!

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