Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can't wait until February...

This pregnancy is going exactly how it did with Izzy. I haven't been feeling well at all and the morning-noon-and-night sickness has been pretty bad. I ended up in the ER on Monday because it had been 4 days without being able to keep anything, not even water, down. They gave me some new medicines to try, and if they don't work, we'll try something else. They recommended trying a Zofran pump. Have any of you guys ever used that before? It made me a little nervous hearing about it because I would have to have a needle in my hip for the rest of the pregnancy, so that the medicine can get injected every hour or so.

That aside, we've been pretty busy around here. Summer classes are going well, leaving not a lot of time for anything else though. Izzy has learned to cherish her one on one time with mommy a lot lately! She has been so in tune with the baby in my tummy, she loves it already! She talks to the baby everyday, which is totally adorable. I'm guessing another girl this time around, but if it's a boy we'll be just as happy. If it is a boy, I think that will mean that I'm just destined for rough pregnancies. At least the end result is an adorable, lovable, totally worth the pain, little baby! I can't wait to meet our little one in February. It's so fun getting used to saying "our kids" now that we will have two around.

Last, but not least, I have some giveaways coming up, and also the baby and toddler event that will happen no matter what, I promise! Nothing will stop me from sharing the awesome things that I've got coming up for you guys!

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  1. I have had several friends use the zofran pump and it was their BEST friend! I hope you feel better soon!