Monday, December 20, 2010

What Doesn't Kill You...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... well, at least I really hope so! The past few weeks have been nuts! There I was thinking I would get a bit of break once my finals were over, but boy was I wrong! On top of the pre-term labor issues we've been having, we had to rush IzzyBug to the children's hospital last week. The normally 2-hour drive ended up taking over 4!

The morning started out fine, we left at 5:30 am, were making good time, and decided to stop for breakfast. When we got back on the road, not only had the weather decided to go nuts out of no where, we had a flat tire. My dad went with us since my husband couldn't leave work that day, so thank God I wasn't alone! My dad changed the tire and we got back on the road. Traffic was moving extremely slow, and cars were off the road everywhere we looked. By the time we got near the hospital we were already extremely late, and the directions we had been given were completely wrong. But, after arriving over 2 hours late, they decided to still see us (I think the huge prego belly helped our case!). We saw a dermatologist, who thinks that Izzy is most likely having an extreme reaction to the ingredients in anti-bacterial soaps, lotions, etc. So, we have to try new ointments, new medications, and start using all new soaps, and hopefully she will get better. If not, we will have to travel again for her to have patch testing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say a prayer if you don't mind, that she gets better and doesn't have to go through that. We will just have to play things by ear, hope I don't go into labor early, and wait to see if the course of treatment helps her. The poor thing has been through it all in terms of health issues, so I hope she gets better soon!

Now, onto bloggy type things. Stay tuned tonight, because I will finally be getting caught up on all of the last minute holiday gift ideas that I have for you!

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