Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where in the World has Marina been?

So I bet you're all wondering where in the world I have been. Well, I'd like to think you've missed me in some way, haha! I wish I could say that our family had taken three months off and backpacked across Europe, or sailed across the world, or maybe something else that would sound really impressive.

But, alas, my only excuse is that life got busy. And I mean busy. My husband was in his final semester of art school (for now, until he goes to grad school), Izzy was really sick, and I was in my first semester of grad school. I thought I had this whole balancing act down pat, but boy did I have a lot to learn these past few months! I kind of felt like we were in survival mode just trying to make it until May.

And now May is finally here...and almost over...but I'm finally back and into the swing of things. I'm going to be pretty busy again with summer grad classes, but now that my husband is finished with school, things will be a lot less hectic!

Now, onto what you all really want to know about! I've got a lot of fun things in store for us here on the blog this summer, starting with the fact that I'm getting a complete blog makeover to kick off the summer! It's going to be in a completely different color scheme than it is now, so if you land here one day and find yourselves in a sea of turqouise and pink, rest assured, you are indeed still in the right place! I'm also planning some AMAZING reviews and giveaways, and you will not want to miss them! We're talking carseats, bassinets, hair straighteners, and much more!

I'm also going to be featuring a guest blogger when it comes to all things fashion and beauty. My lovely sister Dre, who since my daughter was born has been my own personal stylist (we're talking, "No, Marina, you can't just wear sweatpants and your maternity jeans after the baby is born, it's time to buy you a pair of skinny jeans!), will be giving us a few tidbits of what the fashions are, since we all know moms don't really have time to keep up with all that!

So, as your spring winds down into summer, stay tuned to The Mommy Homemaker, because I have some exciting things planned for all of you!

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  1. I just started again today too! I will definitely be waiting for the style tips as I sit here in my Target pajama pants and Motherhood tank top two months after my baby boy was born! :)